Upcoming Events (Dated 28 April 2019)


The Quilters Thank You!! Thank you so much for all of the donated bed sheets! We have plenty to keep us going for quite some time. Thanks again!

Did you miss a Sunday Sermon? Want to keep up with the series or need to have a message? Check out the Redeemer website at www.redeemerway.org under Sermons and discover the text and audio recordings of past Sundays or other events.

The Alpha Course returns September 9th!


April 28                                                                   May 5

Worship Assistant: Reuben Ben-Yonatan        Worship Assistant: John Olson

Communion Assistants: Starr Ben-Yonatan,     Communion Assistants: Pat Olson, Mark

Pat and John Olson                                            Benner, Barb Parent

Acolyte: Peter Fuliwood                                     Acolyte: Ethan Bland

Ushers: David Brader, Walt Carter                    Ushers: David Brader, David Harrah

AV Operator: John Chapman                             AV Operator: George Maciejewski