The Alpha Course

I was in desperate need of information, guidance and inspiration, but I didn’t want anyone to know I couldn’t find these things on my own, that I needed help and healing. And I really didn’t want anyone to know I wasn’t strong enough to handle my own life by myself, or smart enough to make the right choices. ... I was totally unprepared for what LCR and Alpha offered me, and for what I learned this amazing Family in Christ is really all about: I wasn’t meant to do it all on my own.
— R.

Dine together. Learn together. Discuss together. Ask questions together.

- Is there more to life than this? -



The Alpha Course runs twice a year, in the Fall and Winter.

Each course consists of 10 weekly meetings at LCR, beginning with dinner at 6 PM on Mondays.

Child care and participation in the course are absolutely FREE.

No registration required.



For more information, reach out to ...

Ed [360.912.7008] 

Claudia [360.379.5662]

The office.

Next course begins 9 September 2019